Dylan Madden is an author, blogger, and brand developer. This site serves as a gateway to working with Dylan. We are an affiliate site of Calm and Collected.

You can find out what Dylan is up to on Calm and Collected and YouTube. He spends his days writing and building brands behind the scenes.

What is Dylan Madden’s mission:

“My mission is to show people how to liberate themselves.”

What Are Dylan Madden’s goals for 2017:

“My goals are to release a book and visit readers in person.” 

Think and Go Hustle is Available in 3 Formats:

“The rest is top secret. If you talk about your goals, you take away some of their power.”

If you want to know anything else feel free to check out Calm and Collected.

More information:

Dylan is a proud American and wants to put Charleston on the map. He believes in self-mastery and keeping it real.

When Dylan isn’t busy hustling offline he takes on clients. You can find his current offerings in the Services page.

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